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Reviews of the best GF Porn Sites
Hot GFs, Ex Girlfriends and Drunk Party Girls

1. Kinky GFs

Site Review: The Hottest Girlfriend Pics On The Net

Man, this is the frikkin motherlode of hot slut pics and movies! I don't know how these guys scored all this awesome porn, but goddam- they have the hottest chicks I've ever seen on here. These aren't your tired old porn stars- these are real college teen hotties. Some of the 18 year old chicks are probably still in high school, and by the looks of it they're majoring in Hot Chick 101. You've got everything here from party girls taking pictures of themselves to self shot pics of girls looking sexy in the mirror either for their ex boyfriends or just to show off their hot bodies. Sexy nails, hair and tanlines all over the place. In addition, KinkyGFs has got amateur sex movies and pics- guys fucking their ex-girlfriends and then posting the pics online. Drunk GF chicks- acting stupid at parties and showing off their tits and ass. Don't take my word for it, just look at the tour and see all the hot teens they have here for yourself. Better yet, get a password and trust me- you'll be smashing your dick raw in seconds.


2. Jizz On My GF

Site Review: Guys cum on their girlfriends and post it on the net

If you love seeing a cute chick get a massive facial, then this the jackpot for you. Jizz On My Gf is a GF site focuising on cumshots and facials. These girls are catching loads on their face, ass, tits, pussy- you name it. One way or another the private pics have made their way on the net, and you can check em all out right here. Movies and videos too- watch that hot girl next door take a hot wad of cum across her pretty lips at last weekend's keg party. Sometimes its a horny girlfriend taking her boyfriend's sperm on her body and sending it right to Jizz On My GF- other times, its private shots of an ex GF taking a big load- then later when she cheated on the dude, her facial video makes its debut on the web. Cumfreaks are gonna dig this one.


3. Watch My GF

Site Review: Guys show off their smokin hot GFs

This is the shit that gets your dick hard in under a second. All the sexy pics girls take of each other to send to their boyfriends via mobile phone, email or text messaging to get them horny. Sometimes its just some hot guy they wanna bang for the fuck of it. Either way, these sexy sluts doll themselves up in tight skirts, and short dresses, pile on the makeup, fake nails and lipstick and pose for the camera. Whether its selfshot pics in their bedroom or bathroom mirror, or groups of party girls acting slutty for the camera, theyve got all the goods at Watch My GF. You'll be spanking you shit in no time checking out these ultra hot pics and videos. Natural tits, fake tit, tan titties- these girls are young and stacked and obviously ready for some serious sex. Some of these pics were grabbed from private social sites like FaceBook and MySpace- all the slutty pics these chicks take of themselves that were meant for their boyfriend's eyes only are now collected here for you to cum over. Check it out ;)


4. Trashed Girlfriends

Site Review: Hot & Sexy Drunk Party Girls and Smashed Girlfriends

Oh man, this is why your parents warned you to lay off the booze. Check out these fuckin way hot party chicks just blitzed out of their mind- but still looking way sexy caught on tape. These are drunk girlfriends, hot party girls that had way too much, and college chicks dressing sexy for the party and they getting completely wasted. Once the girls go down, the cams apparently came out, and this site has all the reality pics of these hot babes completely inebriated. Big tits falling out of their shirt, showing off their bras, kissing and making out with each other, and laying on the floor passed out with their pussy showing. If a tipsy chick is your thing, then you gotta check out Trashed Girlfriends. There's plenty of drunken sex movies and pics too- chicks giving blowjobs after way too many beers and getting fucked while the world spins around them. Party on Sluts!

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5. Oral Girlfriends

Site Review: Girlfriend Blowjob Pics and GFs Sucking Cock

Ever taken pics or videos of an old girlfriend sucking your dick? These guys did. And later when she cheated on them, or just went crazy bitch on em, or one way or another the relationship went to Hell- the pics of these ex-girlfriends sucking their cock and licking their balls got posted for anyone to see on the net. It happens alot in fact, and the guys at Oral Girlfriends have collected the biggest archive of GFs sucking dick and giving head you're gonna find anywhere. Watch as these guys face fuck these hot babes, and blow their wad all over their face. Facials, ball sucking, hummers, you fuckin name it, these girls gone wild are doin it, and you can watch all the reality action. Some of these girls are so slutty, they just got picked up by a random guy at some club or bar, sucked his cock and let the guy film it, no problem! Then the dude turns right around and shows off the pics of him getting his dick sucked to all his buddies and everyone on the net in chatrooms, forums and sites like MySpace, etc. Sometimes couples send in the pics of the guy having his girlfriend give him a blowjob. No matter what the story or the source, this shit is awesome :)


6. My GF Loves Anal

Site Review: Sexy Girlfriends who will take it up the ass

OK, this one really raises the bar and takes things up a notch. Not every girlfriend is gonna let you fuck her up the ass. As I'm sure you know, a hot GF who will do anal is a rare gem. What's even better is a girlfriend who takes it up the butt and lets you film it. Here we have a collection of the best of the best- super cute chicks getting assfucked on film by their boyfriends, and then it finds its way onto the net. Whether it was an act of revenge on the ex, or the chick is just a freak and loves it up the ass and having her hot body showed off on the web for the world to see- its all right here for your spanking pleasure at My GF Loves Anal Some of these girls were just huge scores from a party or bar- a slutty hottie who let some dude fuck her and do her up the ass while her took pics or video. Then it gets posted for you to watch. Or sometimes its a private amateur couple video of the girl getting a huge cock up her ass, and it made its way to this site. It may be rare, but its happening out there- and you can watch!